Body Mass Index (BMI) eClass


Tis is online training



Course Description:

The Body Mass Index (BMI) Training Course is an e-learning program designed to teach individuals about BMI as a technique for determining healthy body weight. This course is suitable for anyone interested in understanding how BMI works, including healthcare professionals, personal trainers, and individuals seeking to manage their own weight.

During the course, participants will learn about the following topics:

  • What is Body Mass Index (BMI) and how it works
  • Adult and Children’s BMI Charts
  • How to calculate BMI using the formula
  • Using NHS BMI Chart and How to interpret it
  • Health risks associated with very low and very high BMI
  • Obesity (BMI >30) and Pregnancy
  • Common issues related to BMI

The course is delivered via e-learning, so participants can complete the training at their own pace without any time restriction.

Upon successful completion of the multiple-choice assessment test, a certificate will be issued. This course provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to gain essential knowledge about BMI and its application in determining healthy body weight. If you have any questions about this training or wish to find out more, please contact us via email.