Terms and Conditions of City Gate Training Centre

City Gate Training Centre is a trading name for City GATE Training Centre Ltd, registered address: 98-100 Cann Hall Road, London E11 3JF. Tel: 01708 557 359 email: info@cgtraining.org.uk.

In General:

City Gate Training Centre is a high-quality training provider that specialises in health and social care.

In order to register with any of our courses a person must be 18 years old or above and have some good command of English. City Gate Training Centre reserves the right to deny entrance to learners who do not fulfil these requirements.

The Training Centre always reserves the right to dismiss any learner at any time for behaviour that is deemed to be unprofessional, inappropriate or disruptive to other learners, office staff or tutors. No fees will be refunded for any learner dismissed under this section.

The Training Centre reserves the right to change any aspect of a training course, course training days, curriculum, trainers and study materials at any time.

Course places will need to be booked by using our online booking form at which time payment will be made or by alternative arrangements made with City Gate Training Centre. Payment is required at least 10 working days prior to the start date of your chosen course if not made at the time of booking. For further details please call our admin staff on 0170 8557 359.

All deposits are non-refundable. The payment cannot be transferred to another student. The payment can be transferred to later dates.

Course Cancellations and Non-attendance (Excluding E-Learning Courses)

All cancellations should be made in writing to our Head Office by recorded delivery post within 7 Days of booking. Courses that are cancelled less than 10 working days but more than 5 working days prior to the course commencement date will receive a 50% refund of the course fee. In the event that a candidate wishes to re-arrange a pre-booked course with more than 10 working days prior to that course, City Gate Training Centre will make every effort to accommodate the candidate with an alternative date, but this is not guaranteed and we do not accept any liability if alternative arrangements cannot be made. The course can be delayed by no more than three times.

Courses cancelled less than 5 working days prior to the course commencement date will not attract a refund at all (unless otherwise agreed).

The candidate agrees that the services provided by City Gate Training Centre have started on the date of the placing of the order/booking and in accepting these Terms & Conditions.

Courses, where candidates do not attend on the first day of the booked course giving no notice, will not attract a refund or the right to re-arrange to another date. Individuals are entitled to a 5 day cooling-off period from the day the booking has been made, although it is accepted that the service provided by City Gate Training Centre has started on completion of the booking.

If you want to substitute your place on a course with someone else, please advise us as soon as possible – please note that this may incur an additional registration/administration fee.

Refund Policy

Withdrawal/Cancelation of the Course in days Refund in %
More than 10 working days before the course starts 70% of training course fees
More than 5 days but less than 10 days before the course starts 50% of training course fees
Less than 5 working days before the course starts No refund at all

Refund payments are made to the original payers only. Refunds are not transferable. Refunds will be issued into original payment method.

City Gate Training Centre liabilities to you

City Gate Training Centre will accept no financial liability, beyond the actual price paid for the course, for compensation to the customer as a result of course cancellations which arising behind our control such as computer equipment failures, power failures or any other issues affecting part or all of the delivery and examinations of courses.

City Gate Training Centre’s financial liabilities are strictly limited to the specific actual cost of the course as paid for by the course learners. Please note that City Gate Training Centre will accept no liability for any additional expenses, which may have been incurred by the course learners.

If course dates are to be rescheduled, this must be by mutual agreement with any payments already made by the customer to be carried forward to the rescheduled date(s).

Costs of Courses:

The list prices shown on our website will be charged unless otherwise agreed for a specific order by a written quotation by email/fax/post. Written quotations are normally valid for 30 days from the date of the quotation.


Payments can be made by BACS or credit/debit card. Payment for all courses is due on the date of registration unless otherwise agreed in writing or by the terms stated on the invoice. Please note that City Gate Training Centre reserves the right to charge interest on any late payments.

Course sizes

Due to the intensive and interactive nature of delivering our training courses, the maximum number of learners is no more than 12 per class. The usual size is 10 learners.

For applicants applying for Basic Nursing Skills or Maternity Support Worker Training Only

The 2 days of Intensive Training (14 hours) + assessment day (2 hours). In order to pass the assessment, you need to achieve a mark of 60% out of 100 multiple-choice questions. The first assessment will be included in the price, however, if you fail the first attempt the next time you will be charged a penalty fee of £25.00. You will be allowed to re-sit the assessment twice only. If the assessment is failed 3 times in a row, you will be required to re-sit the theory classes again. The fee to re-sit the class will be £165.00.

City Gate Training Centre Courses (Copyright)

The courses that City Gate Training Centre delivers are designed to offer to our learners an important blend of an acknowledged expert trainer, question and answer forums and practical sessions, with support materials. You must not photocopy, scan or photograph or try to use the training materials to train others after you have attended your course – any abuse of this will result in an infringement of intellectual property rights.

Any attempt to copy, scan course materials will result in the removal of the learner from the course – this is a serious matter and could result in further action to defend copyright and intellectual property rights.
Course information contained in our training manuals is provided for the purposes of training. We make all possible efforts to ensure that all the information that you are presented with on your course is accurate, reliable and represents current versions of the relevant standards at the time of publication/presentation of the training.

However, City Gate Training Centre does not accept responsibility or liability for consequences resulting from the use or misuse of the presented information, after the training course.

Information in training manuals is subject to change without notice to previous trainees.

Terms and Conditions for E-learning Courses Only

Due to the fact that you will have immediate access to your purchased online training the refund can be attracted only if:

1. You have not accessed your e-learning platform within a week of purchase date and this is considered as a cooling off period.
2. You are unsatisfied with the course content and materials. However, this section will apply only if you realise it within 3 days from the day of the purchase and confirm so in writing.
3. If a refund case is granted £10 will remain as an administration charge and therefore will not be refunded.

Accepting this course you understand that:

1. Training certificates will be downloadable from the “My Certificate” section upon completion of the online assessment for the chosen training.
2. All training start dates might be changed depending on the registered number of students.
3. City Gate Training Centre does not take responsibility for the learner’s employment after the course.

City Gate Training and GDPR  (General Data Protection Regulation)

We are committed to protecting your data. City Gate Training Privacy Policy explains how we use and store your data.

Accepting this course you agree with all terms and conditions stated above.