Recent Training Evaluation – BNS 23/01/2015

“Very happy with the whole course. Very intensive. Enjoyed it. Will defiantly recommended it.” ¬†Elisaveta (BNS) 23/01/2015

“I don’t have any regret doing this course. The teaching was absolutely understandable. I would recommend everyone, who interesting in nursing, to come to City Gate Training Centre. I am really pleased and happy with the teaching and the teacher.” Veronica W. (BNS) 23/01/2015

“Very happy with this course because I learned so many new things.” Carmen (BNS) 23/01/2015

“Very interesting and worth paying for.” Eunice 23/01/2015

“Is very interesting and helpful in nursing.” Madiina (BNS) 23/01/2015

“Everything was just as expected. Professional teacher with professional training.” Sitina (BNS) 23/01/2015